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METALCO operates in the sector of the treatment of aluminium sheet.
The Company belongs to the BARTOLOMEI Family in their fourth generation and has been operating in the field of aluminium transformation since 1914.
In these decades METALCO has been changing its production according to the market demand (from pots and pans for communities to particular army items such as military mess-tins, helmets and so on), more and more specializing in the cold deformation process of aluminium sheet.

This long experience gained in so many years of activity enabled us to deeply evaluate the problems and characteristics of any type of process regarding aluminium. Since 1985 METALCO carries out the chemical-superficial treatment
of aluminium sheet, besides the mechanical one.

As a matter of fact, since 1985 METALCO is able to carry out the galvanic  treatment typical of aluminium, such as anodic oxidation.

Thanks to this technological  knowledge and production ability, at the end of the Nineties METALCO could introduce itself into the market of illuminating engineering.
produzioneThanks to their modern plants, METALCO are in a position as to offer their customers any type of Reflectors and Parabolic Reflectors.

METALCO have a wide range of machines such as automatic plate lathes, mechanic and hydraulic presses, a complete and automatic line for the final surface treatments like polishing and/or oxidating.

METALCO can also offer other types of surface finish such as ultrahigh vacuum painting and metallizing treatments.

METALCO can therefore offer their clients a complete service, from forming to turning and surface final treating, giving them great advantages in terms of logistics and economy.

As a matter of fact, METALCO have all the necessary resources inside their producing unit, besides a know-how that is always updated; all this, together with a 30-year-old experience, leads to an advantageous and favourable price-quality relationship. 

In this way METALCO are able to offer a product suitable to satisfy any requirement.
Metalco S.r.l.
Via Mulino, 44 - 55015 Montecarlo (LU) - Italy
Tel.: (+39) 0583 22090 - E-mail : [email protected]
P.Iva 01704300464 - Cap Sociale 100.000,00€
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